Dave Borowski

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Dave is a Buffalo, New York native who received first,- second-, third- and fourth-degree burns in a fire accident in his home when he was just six weeks old. As a result of the incident, Dave lost his right hand, most of his left hand, suffered burns on his arms and legs, and was severely disfigured.

With the support of his loving parents and his seven siblings, Dave grew up with a firm belief that he could achieve anything he wanted to accomplish as long as he had the right attitude and was willing to work hard to get it. As a child he was mainstreamed in school and played baseball and the trombone.

High school was a different story.  His lackluster academic performance barely allowed him to graduate.  The next few years were frustrating for him, and included unchallenging jobs and stints in the local jail.

An amazing and unexpected opportunity presented itself, and he was able to land a scholarships that enabled him to earn both a bachelor's and a master's degree in Finance and Economics.  

Dave recently retired as a director in the Finance Division of Freddie Mac, one of the largest financial corporations in the United States.

Dave Borowski's story is solid evidence that there is hope for burn survivors, and he is living proof that you can live a successful and fulfilling life despite of tremendous challenges.

Dave's Book!

Check out Dave Borowski's inspirational story in his new book "On a Ring and a Prayer". Proceeds from the book go to support the Flicker of Hope Foundation. - Click Here.


Idealist of the Year, City Year, Washington, DC

Distinguished Alumnus of the Year, Canisius College, Buffalo, NY

Speaking Engagements

Alexandria, VA Annual Fire Educators Conference

Canadian Burn Survivor Community Conference, Halifax, Nova Scotia

Indianapolis Medical & Fire Safety Professionals Association Annual Meeting

International Association of Fire Fighters Annual National Burn Camp

Johns Hopkins Medical Center, Physical Therapy Department, Guest Lecturer

New York State Fire Chiefs Association 25th Annual Meeting, Montour Falls, NY

Prince William, VA Fire Captains Meeting

Richmond, VA Fire Educators Conference

Canadian Burn Survivor Conference, Winnipeg, Manitoba

Fairfax County, VA Juvenile Fire Starters Meetings

Virginia Commonwealth University/Health Evans-Hayes Burn Center

U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission Testimony

U.S. Congressional Press Conferences

State Legislator Testimonies