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Edward Dowling, from St. James, New York, was burned at the age of three, resulting in a 70% loss of total lip surface and severe tissue damage to the inside of his mouth.  Ed was positively influenced by his years at burn camp, making close friends.  He is attending Adelphi University and plans to attain degrees in psychology and education so he can use his life experience to help children in crisis.


Justin Kietzman, from Edgeley, North Dakota, received a 20% TBSA burn of first- and second-degree affecting his face and lower legs.  While in high school, he was involved in musical theatre as an actor, member of the choir, the school band and technical assistant for productions.  Justin is studying at Northern State University where he would like to earn a degree in education.


Paloma Siordia, from Rio Rico, Arizona, was burned at age 13 by an exploding aerosol can, sustaining 22% TBSA, with second- and third-degree burns.  Her face, upper extremities and left thigh were affected.  Paloma says her positive experience with reconstructive surgery made her determined to enter that field.  She feels her own burn experience will make her a more understanding doctor.  She is studying at Loyola College in Maryland.


Melissa Cebula is from White Bear Lake, Minnesota.  She sustained a TBSA burn of 40%, second- and third-degree when, at the age of four, a kettle of boiling water fell on her.  She feels the adverse affects of her injuries were offset by her positive experience at burn camp.  She hopes to become a pediatric nurse to help other children who share her burn experience.  Melissa is attending the University of Wisconsin – Eau Clair.


Rebecca Benoit of New Jersey was burned in a house fire at the age of nine and sustained a burn area of over 60 percent of her body, losing much of her right hand. She has been awarded a scholarship to Lincoln University. Rebecca’s interests include languages, designing web pages, singing opera, R&B and Gospel music and volunteering at a local hospital.


Amanda Degan was burned on her back and arms in a kitchen accident at ten months. Her scholarship will help her attend Cabrini College in Pennsylvania where she hopes to study physical therapy. She has attended burn camp since she was 14 years old and next year will return as a counselor. Amanda plans to work someday with burned children.



Raienier Means sustained a serious scald burn in a kitchen accident at the age of three, which caused much loss of function. She has received a scholar-ship to attend Delaware State University where she is studying business administration. Rainier has volunteered at numerous community events for youth in Baltimore County, Maryland.


Gina Patterson sustained full-thickness burns to 80 percent of her body at age eleven in a flash fire that killed her father and sister. She has served as a burn camp counselor since 1999 and in 2002 she earned a BS in kinesiology from Texas A&M. Her scholarship will help pay for her teaching certificate to teach kinesiology at the college level.


Caterina Saracino was just two years old when she was placed into a tub of scalding water sustaining serious burns to fifty percent of her body. FHF has awarded her a scholarship to help her attend Hobart & William Smith College where she plans to study architecture. Caterina, a National Honor Society student, has volunteered with the Special Olympics and many community projects.


At the age of four, Zachery Temple was severely scalded accidentally by a pot of boiling grease. He has been accepted to North Carolina Wesleyan College where he will study pre-law. Zack plans to become a JAG officer in the Marines. He hopes to one day form a support group of his own for burn survivors.


Kisha Baptist has been awarded a full scholarship. Kisha, along with several family members, was burned in a house fire at the age of seven. Her dedication to her studies and her strength of character have helped her develop into an excellent student. Kisha will be attending Prince George’s Community College and intends to continue her studies after that with the goal of becoming a physical therapist, a profession that, she says, has helped so much in her recovery. She hopes, one day, to work with other burn survivors. We have known Kisha from her participation in burn camp and know she’ll have a wonderful time at PGCC!


Kathleen Sullivan has received an FHF scholarship to help her obtain training for a new career. She sustained serious burn injuries to 25 percent of her body in a fire last year. Her hands were especially affected. After coming out of an induced, five-week coma, she realized she could no longer perform her job responsibilities as a veterinary nurse and decided to re-direct her career. She plans to become a dental technician and is enrolling in Bristol Community College this Fall. Kathy is looking forward to moving forward with her career and her life. We are so excited for her!


Matthew Maxwell, has been awarded a partial Flicker Of Hope Foundation scholarship to help him pursue his studies at Thomas Acquinas College where he will enroll in the Liberal Arts program. Matthew was injured at the age of sixteen months when his right hand was burned by scalding water and sustained second- and third-degree burns. He has participated in the burn community since childhood and, on his ninth birthday, held a fund-raiser for the burn unit where he was treated. We wish Matthew all the best with his college classes!


Jennifer Hartley was awarded a full scholarship. Jennifer was burned at the age of 18 months, sustaining second- and third-degree burns to about fifty percent of her body. She has served the burn community as a volunteer for a number of years and would now like to do so in a professional capacity as a Certified Massage Therapist. She has completed the program at the Augusta School of Massage, Inc. and is currently working in her chosen profession. We wish her the best of luck with her career as a CMT.


We offer a source of scholarship assistance for burn survivors. We are accepting applications at this time. Please read the entire application form carefully and complete it according to the directions before submitting.
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