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I read Dave’s new book and quoted it on a number of occasions. It grabbed me from the start I could not put it down. I have learned so much on how to handle situations that may arise for my grand children through this book. My grandchildren were given a copy at burn camp … “Camp Sunshine” sponsored by Arkansas Childrens Hospital in Little Rock. I was worried my grand daughter would never find love in a word that holds apprearances so highly with the keyloid scars she has over 80% of her body. She doesn’t seem self consious as much these days but she is only 7… she will one day. My grandson’s hands have had countless surgeries on them but he can now use them both, all nine fingers to a point. Thank you for sharing your story.
– Pamela J. Williamson

I had the pleasure of meeting Dave at The World Burn Congress in Cleveland in 2003. It was soon after my burns and a very emotional time for me. I found Dave and the other survivors to be great inspirations. This web site and your help in the burn community is greatly appreciated.
– Kathy Sullivan

Although I have never said it, I am darned proud of my cousin. To SUCCEED in life can be very difficult even if only average things happen to us. To be average in spite of such tragedy and adversity is ADMIRABLE, but to also be sucessful is amazing and heroic. In my estimation you are a better than average, you are a success story.
– Ron Kulig

“I have been looking for along time for an organization that realizes the emotional and educational stunting of many survivors. An organization that addresses the scars that are invisible to many.”
– Mary Huddleston

“I’m so thankful for a site like this that let’s all burn survivors know that there is life after burns.”
– Nicole N.

I thank Dave for having the courage to share his story. This website is a wonderful inspiration to us all. The scholarship program is quite impressive. I never thought about seeking out others like me…it is nice to know that I am not alone.
– Crystal Tatum